My never-ready self

source: pinterest

An ended day always taught us lessons, told us stories&plans to be chosen. Today we might be here together, sharing the same laughs, hugs, foods, blankets and others – without knowing what will happen in a minute after. Another day may not be the same, the laughs, the hugs, the foods, the blankets and others can only be the stories that told one day. As we know, the most hurtful yet the most logical and most definitely thing to be happen among the living people is death. I may not having experiences that you’re going to named it tragic or whatsoever, but i can’t never imagine how that the most definitely thing happen to me one day – when the loved ones; parents, siblings, best friends, your other half, relatives, leave the world going somewhere you never see. Life will be so much different, with my mental stage right now I can tell that I’m not ready to be left. It is easy for me to be driven to despair, and we should not despair in a long time. Since I know it will happen in one day, I’m with resignation willingly to be taught on how to be ready and be more resilient.



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