When we know it, we know it.

People are boxed themselves with their own issue in their own circumstances. Sometimes, I did that in order to tell my self that we have our own privacy and so I didn’t feel bothered. But not today, not today.

My feelings are scattered, I feel like hundred of  sharp needles with big syringes injected to my chest. I saw the loved one crumbled, kneeled down, teary and perhaps begged something that life can never offer. I saw the strong wall he showed me past six years are fall apart. I saw that the loved one is really ‘human’ after all this time.

I never thought the bonds between me and him brought me to this phase, the phase when I realized that he perhaps my other half because the pain he felt was also felt by me, when his world crumbled – so does mine. His important persons are goes the same to me.

I never feel this strong to anybody but my loved ones. And I know, this is real. My long emptiness slightly gone.



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