Meaningless is hurtful.

I came to a realization that when we were saying a word too much, it has less meaning and losing its’ purposes. Mostly it comes when we’re trying to apologizing, I really understand the word ‘sorry’ and its’ derivatives has a strong purposes when we really mean it. That’s cliche. That’s also a rhetorical. We all knew it. But, I recently do not feel the nerve of hearing a person saying sorry. We  play cheap when saying this thing. It’s even cheaper than a candy on your school food stalls. Its’ strength has gone, flown away, left their meaning when you play it cheap without even trying not to say sorry in a next chapter. We say it to fake the situation that everything is okay when it is actually far away from okay. We say it to safe ourselves. We have to realize that sometimes we just don’t really mean it. We’re being selfish. These meaningless acts are hurtful. So please, we suppose to use it wisely. Straighten the intention & give back their powerful meaning.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. oca says:

    crying when i see this kind of post around 2am jo

    1. karinajojo says:

      Ocaaaa 😦 padahaal ga pengen bikin nanges wkwkw

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